it has been a long while but your familiarity beckons, inviting me, calling me to follow. at this half-life, a part of me hesitates, still unready to heed, as my stars, in their un-alignment, await.

mt. sto.tomas
benguet | philippines
february 2016



likely you are living around your half-life already, assuming you die in that withering age of seventies. you are probably thinking what better ways to live that remaining half-life. some have already said you have accomplished so much already. you think not enough and you can do a whole lot more. especially with the opportune conditions. luck has it. god has it. and all else, they have it. you still grab on, optimising relevant niches, enriching options for others to soar.

in a few days, you will inch a bit closer to that ageing life. yes you are still young but you are also old. trapped in that unsure middle age - whether to start over, maintain, or perhaps lead and flow.

time for you has become ever more limited and passing. and you know, deep in your heart, you are more than capable and you will reach your heights.

machu picchu, aguas calientest
cusco | peru
september 2015



we all have shadows lurking, stalking us - from the way we lived our young and adult lives, memories that remain unforgotten but kept hidden, or even thoughts that were never realised but bore strong feelings that they remain even still undone and unspoken. these shadows follow us - often safely contained behind corners and walls, kept safe within the darkness. at times, however, they creep behind us - crawling slowly out against a blinding shine, when we least expect in our comfortable outward existence, in the guise of focused light, our shadows glare out.

i am a shadow. behind the limelight, in my darkness i thrive. 

by the new york highline | new york city
december 2015



there you lay - still and majestic. at times, bashful and shrouded, peeling away your white cover to allow the morning's warm embrace to envelop your being-there. my eyes laid on you, you never fail to stir me awed and humbled beneath your enduring presence. 

time had passed, moments after moments turning into decades of humanity's gains and expanse. i chanced seeing you once more. still and bare. your majesty dwindled beneath man's penchant for conquest and greed. your comforting presence succumbed. your mysteries forever lost. awe turned to sadness. humility to shame. how i yearned to find solace now i may yearn to provide solace to revive you to better days.

mae hong son | thailand 
january 2013



vast spaces

there is no empty lost space. that was what he told me. any space is occupied, even by what humans may think to be the most inconsequential life form, however small, all spaces are occupied and taken. anyone lost can be found. displaced can be placed. or replaced. the vastness of the world limits. constrains. life is space occupied. living is space expanded.

on the road from puno to arequipa | peru
september 2015 



a small piece in this world, i float in a sea of uncertainty. seabirds pass by - heading towards their evolutionary-trained life directions. i am but a small idle piece left - heedless and needful. above i yearn for the sullen clouds to pent. at the very least, allow my wearied self to be kissed by god's golden pecks.

puffin by skomer island | wales
june 2015



most of the leaves in this quaint neighbourhood have fallen, preparing themselves to the coming winter. here i find myself, thinking that i might still be clinging to the last branch, steadfastly holding myself secure but slowly slipping away to the unknown. a false security to conveniences and impressions, denying myself what opportunities the cold outside hold? is it time to go home? to release myself from the constrictions of social perceptions and expectations? to unfasten the excited child and vigorously explore and take part renewed in the affairs of the world?

autumn in bear mountain state park | new york
october 2015